BVN G-1000 Summary

MetriTrack’s initial product,  BVN™ (Breast Volume Navigator) G-1000, is designed to  precisely and  instantly perform automated 3D mapping of  breast tissue in hand held ultrasound images obtained during exams where the breast is continuously deformed by the ultrasound probe and patient’s changes in position. The precise mapping is essential for  finding and treating small breast cancers in the age of multi-modality imaging.

bvn 1.jpg

The new proprietary technology relies on few miniature positional sensors and algorithms, which generate precise position data.

The unique features of BVN™ G-1000, a class-II (non-invasive) medical device which integrates with existing breast ultrasound equipment, eliminate multiple operator-dependent steps enabling reliable and convenient annotation of  breast ultrasound images (i.e., record the locations of objects within).  

The precise mapping of breast tissue in ultrasound images is surprisingly significant.

  •  The ability to precisely localize and re-localize small breast lesions may profoundly improve the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • At current reimbursement rates, reducing the time required to perform a breast ultrasound exam is expected to address the economic feasibility of this borderline profitable exam and increase its availability.