Click the links below to view publications related to MetriTrack BVN™ technology. 

1.    A New Automated 3D Mapping and Labeling System for Routine Free Hand Ultrasound Examinations, Performance Evaluation in a Breast Phantom.  American  Roentgen Ray Society Meeting  2010; 194:A137-A154.

2.    Whole Breast Ultrasound with a Free Hand Ultrasound Automated Mapping and Annotating System, a Phantom Evaluation Study European Congress of  Radiology  2010; Scientific Exhibit 10.1594/ecr2011/C-1903. 

3.    The Effect of Body Rotation on Lesion Mapping Reproducibility during Breast Ultrasouns with Automated and Manual Annotations.   European Congress of  Radiology  2012; Scientific Exhibit 10.1594/ecr2012/C1921.

4.    Performance evaluation of an Automated Freehand Breast Ultrasound System for the completeness of scanning assessment.  European Congress of  Radiology  2014; Scientific Exhibit 10.1594/ecr2014/C-1382.

5.    The Effect of Body Position and Probe Position on the Localization of Breast Mass in Free-Hand Breast Ultrasound Examination. European Congress of Radiology 2018: